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Senior, Jasmin, receives a College Scholarship!

Congratulations to one of our seniors, Jasmin Luna! She was nominated and awarded a scholarship by the Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law. Jasmin is a driven student with an interest in pursuing a Law degree and these women attorneys want to support her education. She was invited to speak at a reception where she shared more of her goals for the future and took the time to thank the women who believe in her.

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“ My classmates have taught me the importance of friendship. We have all encountered similar struggles but are continuing our journeys together, no matter how tough things get.”

Ariana, '20

“ What I like best is the connections I make with my teachers. Tepeyac feels like our home. There’s a whole support system here.”

Carmen, '20

“ You come to Tepeyac as a young girl with a dream and you leave as a young woman with a vision.” 

Salma, '16

“ We meet these girls where they are at and take them farther than they ever imagined toward success, despite what may have come before Tepeyac, and despite what people in other parts of their lives may be telling them. “

Mrs. Thompson, President