Summer Bridge Program

Are you entering 9th grade at Tepeyac? If the answer is yes, you are reading the right section.

We are so excited that you are joining our Tepeyac family! You are now a part of a strong tradition of young women who have made lifelong friends, learned about their faith, built upon their leadership skills, and developed the confidence to succeed at Tepeyac, in college, and beyond. We are proud of you for choosing a school where you will receive a strong college prep education. Tepeyac will carry you far, and we can guarantee a wonderful adventure ahead. 

To better prepare our Freshwomen for the start of high school in fall, we provide the opportunity for them to engage and get to know each other at our Summer Bridge Program.

The program was designed to immerse the students in a week program learning the must-knows about Tepeyac:

  • Build your “H.S. toolbox” with the essential tools: organization, perseverance and self-advocacy
  • Learn the importance of jumping in and having fun through clubs, sports and student organizations
  • At the completion of Bridge, you will be ready to tackle High School!
If you have any questions, please contact:

Diana Rodriguez '07

(773) 522-0023 x205


Esmeralda De La Luz '14

(773)522-0023 x206