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Empowering Young Women Since 1927

Carol Brown Giving Tree

Item description GT Tag Amount
Book Rentals $100.00
College Acceptance T-Shirts $25.00
College Exploration Summer Road Trip $200.00
Overnight preparation for Kairos Leaders $25.00
Theater tickets for Theater Class $25.00
Campus Ministry August Retreat for the Leadership Team $50.00
Junior Retreat overnight $100.00
Freshie Retreat $25.00
Anatomy Field Trip $30.00
Spirit Week $50.00
Homecoming Dance $50.00
Senior Prom $50.00
Sports Camp Registration for Student-Athletes $250.00
OLT Sports Participation Fee $100.00
Physics Field Trip to Six Flags $30.00
Classroom Supplies (Post Its, Scissors, Glue Sticks, White Board Markers) $30.00
E Learning Professional Development $75.00
Subscription to Spanish Magazine - El Sol $20.00
Skirt and polo for school uniform $60.00
New Resource Room (flexible seating, student kidney tables, small book shelves, extra set of novels, calculators, etc. for New Resource Room) $100.00
Winter Uniform - Joggers + Sweatshirt $60.00
Sports Uniform $35.00
Roses for Junior Ring Mass & Graduation $25.00
Upgrade Digital Lab Computers for Graphic Design & Publications (Yearbook, etc.) $100.00
Tablets for English Language Learners $75.00
Basketball Team Sponsorship $100.00
Soccer Team Sponsorship $100.00
Softball Team Sponsorhsip $100.00
Volleyball Team Sponsorship $100.00
Student ID Machine $150.00