Monica Medina '96

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Monica Medina grew up across the street from Our Lady of Tepeyac High School.  She is the proud Salutatorian of her Tepeyac graduating Class of 1996.  Born in Chicago, Monica is the daughter of Jose L. Medina and Carolina Medina, immigrants who came to the United States from Moroleon, Guanajuato, Mexico.  Mr. and Mrs. Medina came to Chicago looking for opportunities to provide for their family.  Monica is the youngest of three daughters and sister to Josefina and Veronica (Class of 1995). She was the first in her family to attend college.   Monica graduated from Robert Morris with B.S. B.A Concentration in Accounting and works for Nuveen Investments.  She serves as the Senior Manager of Accounting and Reporting and has had a long and successful career, earning a wide variety of certificates and endorsements throughout her 23 years at the company.

In reflecting on her Tepeyac experience, Monica says:

“I was surrounded by other girls that were in search of building their character, becoming strong women, who represented their culture and family values.  By doing so, we were helping each other build a community of strong leadership without even knowing that eventually we would contribute to society and help change the world as women began to lead the world.  
OLT is like a second home, whom many see as a big family. Special bonds are created with students and faculty and staff.   When you meet people and they identify themselves as an OLT alumnae, you know there's an immediate connection without even explaining yourselves to one another.   We have seen each other grow and create families of our own. This special bond was all created in that three story building on Whipple.”

Monica gives back to her alma mater in a number of ways.  Last school year, she joined her Nuveen colleagues in a visit with current Tepeyac students.  The panel exposed our young women to careers in the financial industry but also to the many different journeys that first generation graduates take in completing their education.  We learned through their stories that it takes a network of supporters for all of us to realize our potential.  

Monica is now mentoring a group of Sophomores through the Tepeyac Mentoring Program.  The goal of the Our Lady of Tepeyac High School Mentoring Program is to connect our young women with caring adults who are committed to providing guidance, rooted in the school values of Opportunity, Unity, Service and Excellence. 

In reflecting on why she chooses to give back, Monica says, 

“It's important to give back to your community to empower those that don't see themselves as successful leaders.  I decided to become a mentor to give back to the Little Village community, but most important to Tepeyac who helped shape me and give me the resources that help contribute to build my career.  This is very important to me because I came from a home that dealt with hardships, financial and otherwise and today I have placed myself in a position where I can contribute to help someone who is dealing with these same issues at home.  My testimony will hopefully help show that it's possible – with the help of financial assistance, dedication and hard work everything is possible to make a student's dream come true.  Mine certainly did.”


Monica enjoys watching her two son's ages 9 and 7 playing in-house and travel baseball, loves to listen to music, is involved in volunteer and community initiatives and enjoys spending quality time with her family.  Her children attend St. Gall School, located in the Gage Park community, where Monica is a parent ambassador and participates in the Parent Volunteer Council (PVC).

Monica is an excellent example of a Tepeyac sister, who through her networks of support and her Tepeyac education has realized her potential and in turn, freely  share her gifts with others so that they too can achieve the same successes.