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Fund A Student

¡Creemos! raises over 1/3 of our annual budget for financial aid. Our families are in need of tuiton assistance now more than ever. Sixty-three percent of Tepeyac families have experienced a 50% reduction in hours or have lost a job, instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Families who were struggling before, will now feel an economic impact long after this school year. Tepeyac has provided meals, groceries and PPE over the course of the past year, all while continuing to offer a robust academic education and an emotionally supportive, mission driven network for 151 girls. This year, Tepeyac will raise approximately $597,000 to support financial aid, accounting for 39% of our total operating budget and representing a $100,000 increase over last school year. 97% of Tepeayc students received financial aid. Fund A Student - a long held ¡Creemos! tradition - is more important this year than ever before. Fund A Student is a way to give directly to our girls and ensure that they have continuity in their education.

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