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Annual Appeal

October 30, 2020

Dear Friend:

At Our Lady of Tepeyac High School, we provide students with a college preparatory education built on unity, service, opportunity and excellence.  We also equip them with the tools they need to become strong, independent young women who empower each other to become the change and future our country needs. It is vital that every young woman has access to a quality education, is empowered and encouraged to use her voice, and is given all the opportunities that the world holds. This is what Tepeyac does for every young woman who walks through our doors, despite her family’s ability to pay the full tuition. Financial aid is increasingly vital as families deal with the economic implications of the current health crisis.                                                                

Please help us continue our mission of empowering young black and brown girls, many of whom are first generation, with your gift to our Annual Appeal

Like Ari, our girls are strong, unique, powerful individuals with a thirst for challenging themselves, serving their communities, and lifting each other up. Arianne Robinson is an extraordinary Tepeyac grad, Class of 2020, but her journey has not been an easy one. Ari transferred to Tepeyac as a sophomore and made fast friends, but still hadn’t quite found her place. She also had an uphill battle academically.  By junior year with consistent help from teachers, Ari’s grades took a positive turn. Then the athletic director stopped her in the hall one day and asked,  “What are your extracurriculars at OLT? I never see you.”  When she said not much, he invited her to be the basketball team manager and Ari’s involvement at Tepeyac took off. Next, she became a student ambassador and was elected to the student council.  

Ari became a strong student leader. When asked what she would tell her freshman self, Ari shared, “Get good grades from the beginning, ask for help when you need it, and get involved.”Ari has blossomed despite challenges in her early academic career with the help of her Tepeyac family.  Arianne is currently attending Clark Atlanta University.

Oprah Winfrey stated, “Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” Tepeyac is that key, unlocking the world and the opportunities it holds to the girls who come through our doors. Our students work hard everyday to create their futures, reach their life goals, with 100% going on to college for 12 years and counting.  The world needs more Tepeyac girls.

Please support the young women of Tepeyac with your gift today.   


Joni Thompson



Please consider a gift to this important effort to help more students. Support Tepeyac today! Mail your check to the school, 2228 S. Whipple, Chicago, IL. 60623 or  DONATE NOW