“Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” 

Coach John Wooden, UCLA

Our Lady of Tepeyac High School believes that a dynamic athletic program is vital to the educational and socio-emotional development of the student. The goal of  athletics is to serve the students through teaching the values of selflessness, teamwork, humility, discipline, and perseverance while developing a solid character. Sports truly provide opportunities for leadership, confidence and self-awareness as well as a baseline for a healthy life style. Participating on a high school team is a privilege and it requires commitment from all involved. High school athletics contributes immensely to the positive atmosphere within our school community.

OLT High School is a member of the Chicago Prep Conference (CPC). The CPC includes the following schools: Chicago Hope Academy, Christ the King Jesuit High School, CICS/Ellison, CICS/Northtown, Cristo Rey Jesuit HS, Holy Trinity HS, Josephinum HS, Our Lady of Tepeyac HS, Providence St. Mel HS, Rochelle Zell HS, Walther Christian HS and Ida Crown HS. 

Sportsmanship is a key component of the athletic programs and encompasses the practice of playing fair, taking defeat without complaint and victory without gloating, and treating teammates and opponents with respect and dignity. In accordance with the school’s philosophy and goals, the promotion of sportsmanship is of utmost importance. Sportsmanship demonstrated by all involved in athletes is perhaps the clearest sign of the mission of our school. Everyone associated with an athletic event (coaches, athletes, students, parents, spectators) has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship before, during and after a contest. Sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Showing respect for teammates, opponents and officials. 

  • Maintaining self-control. 

  • Showing respect for the facility in which the contest is taking place. 

  • Refraining from heckling, jeering or using profane language. 

  • Being positive in words and actions in general.

Physical Examination Requirements for IHSA Sports Participation 

Both the IHSA and the OLT High School Athletic require physical examinations for all students participating in a sport. This IHSA rule is as follows:
An annual physical examination by a medical practitioner certifying that the student is physically fit to participate in athletics is required before a student may try out, practice or participate in interscholastic athletic competition.

The Athletic Department and school reserves the right to make an independent determination of a student’s fitness for participation in and to prohibit a student from playing competitive sports if a student exhibits a dangerous or potentially dangerous medical, physical or psychological condition, irrespective of a physician’s certificate of fitness. 

A link to the IHSA Physical is below

Eligibility Policy with Grades at OLT HS

To be eligible to play and or participate in all co-curricular athletic and student activity programs, students must not have any reported grade of F in any of the major subject areas and must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.75. Posted grades will determine eligibility for the student athlete. If a student raises his/ her GPA to a 1.75 or above and does not receive any Fs in the major subject areas she will become eligible to participate in practice and games. Grades can be viewed through the Plus Portals Student Management System available to all parents/guardians and students at any time.  

General student athlete eligibility criteria as outlined by the IHSA will be adhered to at all times.