Coffee and Careers

You continue to be a part of the Tepeyac family, no matter how near or far. We are always happy to hear from you and what you are up to. We want to continue to empower the next generation and what a better way than for current students to hear from you.

Join us for a morning - chatting with our girls about your career and journey while sipping a hot cup of coffee!

It was wonderful having alumnae come back to share with our current students about all the endless possibilities that await them. We are grateful for all of our grads who took time out of their work day to set an example for the next generation of Tepeyac girls!


Shout out and Thank you to the following alums who have been back to present:

  • Maria Herrera, c/o 1999

  • Carina Ruiz, c/o 2000

  • Stephanie Rodriguez, c/o 2006

  • Lidia Rodriguez, c/o 2007

  • Carla Garcia, c/o 2012

  • Nancy Garcia, c/o 2013

  • Saira Navarrete, c/o 2016 

  • Jackie Diaz, c/o 2014

  • Taylor Shufford, c/o 2012

  • Mia Risper, c/o 2011

  • Angelina Herrera, c/o 2009

  • Valerie Enriquez (Sedlacek), c/o 2009                                                       

  • Jacky Renteria, c/o 2009

  • Alicia Gonzalez, c/o 1995

  • Joselyn Reyes, c/o 2017

To speak at a Coffee and Careers, contact:

Joni Thompson, President

(773) 522-0023 x205


Lily De La Luz '06, Alumnae Relations

(773)522-0023 x209