The opportunity to learn 24/7, extending beyond the classroom and into a globally connected world is afforded our students everyday. Tepeyac offers students the latest technology and opportunities to use it within the classrooms. We are a Google school that utilizes Gmail, Classroom, and Drive within our classrooms. Our devices are a combination of Apple Desktops, Apple Laptops, I Pads and Chrome books. All classrooms include projectors and document cameras.

Our Goals
  • Maximize preparation for college and career

  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving

  • Build communication and investigation skills

  • Nurture the skills to be life-long learners

  • Allow students to adapt technology to personal needs and learning styles

Combined with the rigorous curriculum and creative, well-versed faculty, allow students to:

  • Explore diverse cultures and new perspectives

  • Organize and store vast amounts of information electronically

  • Write and edit reports, essays and presentations electronically

  • Receive critical feedback

  • Access information through Google classroom

  • Communicate with teachers and others worldwide

Currently our program consists of a Computer lab and 3 lab carts which houses the chrome books. Chrome books are specialized laptops, which run Chrome OS, and emphasize productivity and collaboration between students and faculty. With Chrome books, our students have: 

  • Access to Google Apps including Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms for Productivity

  • Access to Google Drive and Classroom for collaboration with faculty and students

  • Unlimited Cloud Based Storage; no lost documents or workflow

  • Data available on any computer, phone, or tablet

  • Boots in 8 seconds

  • Lightweight

  • 13” screen

  • Battery lasts the entire day 

  • 3D Printing - (example: STEM 1 Students create fidgets.

  • Robotics 

Computer lab Hours
Before School: Starting at 7:00 AM till 7:55 AM
Late Start Wednesdays: Starting at 8:30 AM till 8:55 AM
After School: Everyday till 4:30 PM unless otherwise noted


Chrome Books

Technology improves and enhances both teaching and learning in the classroom. Technology helps engage students and it is also a tool teachers can utilize to differentiate instruction and help support ELL and IEP students. Having a classroom set of chrome books would be extremely beneficial. This class set would allow my students to have access to technology at any time of the day and it would allow easy access for ELL students who utilize chrome books for audiobooks, visuals, videos, and differentiated non-fiction articles. Students in my English classroom also use presentation platforms, editing tools such as Pro Writing Aid and the Hemingway App, virtual tour games and activities for the Shakespeare unit, grammar mini lesson videos and graphic visuals, QR codes for virtual writing mini lessons and many other resources. All these resources utilize and rely on technology. Having that technology accessible in the classroom on a daily basis will help improve the instruction and support I offer to my students.


In STEM, students learn to code in Python with the Amazon Future Engineer curriculum, program Arduino robots, and 3D print with a Sindoh 3D printer. Coding assignments range from creating interactive Madlibs games to an animated scene. Robotics projects include helping miniature cars sense and avoid obstacles and follow lines of tape. Students are then given the chance to 3D print an object to solve a problem they encounter in daily life