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What's Happening at OLT?

Making An Impact, Abi Romo, OLT Class of 2016

Meet Abigail Romo, OLT Class of 2016. To say she is impressive is an understatement. While at OLT, Abi was a Student Ambassador, a Student Council, Service Club & National Honors Society member and also played Softball.

Upon graduating from Tepeyac with Honors, she attended Knox College as an Environmental Studies major, finishing early because she wanted to participate in a program in Italy that focused on sustainable agriculture and economic justice.


Upon returning to Chicago, Abi started as an intern at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Over time, this internship turned into a full time job. She is now a Program Specialist, creating and sharing Nature Museum programing with visitors.


Abi gave back to Tepeyac by attending our Career Day this month. Along with over 35 other presenters, she spoke to OLT students about her work at the museum, answered questions and shared her education and career path.


Abi is truly an inspiration. Because of her Tepeyac education as well as her experience at Knox College, we know that she will continue to go on to make an impact on our world in many ways.

With the support of her high school, Abi created a bright future for herself -- and continues to create a brighter future for our world.

We are so proud of you, Abi!

Career Day 2022

Look who stopped by in the afternoon! It's Ana Belaval from WGN News! Ana spoke to our Publications class and our Senior English about her career in Journalism as well as her side gig as a stand up comic, work/life balance and more.

At Our Lady of Tepeyac, we value opportunity. We know that when given the chance, Tepeyac girls rise to the occasion. We were glad to bring back Career Day. There were over 30 presenters who took time out of your busy schedules to share their educational and career experiences with the young women of Our Lady of Tepeyac High School. Our students as well as our faculty and staff all enjoyed meeting them and learning more about their work. Tepeyac girls were exposed to all of the opportunities that exist for them beyond the walls of our school. 

Career Day is important at OLT because students learn that through education, hard work and a caring network of support they can achieve their goals.

Fantastic Freshwomen

Student Feature: Melannie Castro, Class of 2025. "The best part of being a Freshwoman is making such great friends and creating bonds with people, I like being a Student Ambassador and being in the Service Club because I look forward to seeing my friends after school."

Last fall, Melannie Castro was eagerly awaiting the first day of school. She came to us from Chicago Public School, Ruben Salazar Elementary School. "What I was looking forward to the most was getting to know my teachers," she shared. Since the first time she visited OLT at a Shadow Day, Melannie immediately knew this is where she would spend her high school years.

She definitely carried her enthusiasm into her freshwomen year; getting involved in after school activities, being a great student helper and always encouraging her classmates to have a positive attitude.

Melannie is a cheerleader for the Class of 2025 - beaming school spirit and pride. We are happy to have students like Melannie and look forward to her future years and accomplishments at Tepeyac!

Melannie (right) with Senior, Autumn Wilson at a Student Ambassador Ice Cream Social.

Celebrating the Class of 2022

The College Readiness Program celebrated all of the achievements of the Class of 2022 with a special surprise breakfast this month.

To date, 91% of the Class of 2022 has been accepted to colleges and universities around the country and we are on track to achieve 100% by the Spring. The girls have been hard at work on their applications and essays. This amazing group as earned over 3 million in merit based scholarships alone. Congrats girls and keep up the good work!

Mother of the Americas Kermes

Mother of the Americas Parish welcomed the Little Village community to a family friendly event this past Sunday. Tepeyac girls were glad to be a part of it

Fun and Games For All!  Last year, Our Lady of Tepeyac, Assumption BVM and St. Roman's Parish united to form Mother of the Americas Parish. We are celebrating together at the church at Cermak & Whipple. The schools will retain their names.

The Kermes, Spanish for a Catholic bazaar or fundraiser, was organized and run by the parish. There was great food, music, games and more!  A few students ran a booth to provide free face painting for the children. The kids were beaming with joy! We also provided fans to the people who attended - they came in handy, particularly because of the hot day. We even got Fr. Tom in the dunk tank! The Kermes was a great way at bring our community together.  The newly united parish has also been holding street masses to promote unity and peace. Read more here.

2021 New Course Offerings

The academic year is off to a great start! OLT has added Psychology and Holocaust electives for Juniors and Seniors as well as Intro to Computers for the Freshwomen to the curriculum this year.

Principal and teacher for the Holocaust course, Kathy Ingram says, "Psychology and Holocaust have been taught in years past and we are so excited to get them back into the rotation. The students are looking forward to having the opportunity to take these courses as well!"   Members of the OLT faculty also advised adding an Intro to Computers course to the Freshwomen Curriculum. "We've learned that our new students need time to get to know high school applications like Google Classroom as well as the Portal, where they can access grades and assignments. Intro to Computers will ensure that our Freshwomen get off on the right foot. These skills are necessary for every class they will take during their high school career." says Ms. Ingram. The course will also focus on word processing and other applications used across the curriculum.  We look forward to watching our girls engage in new ways this year!

A Woman For Others

"I'm so impressed with the young women of Our Lady of Tepeyac. As students, they know who they are and what they are about-- designing their future!"

Meet Sue Olensky. Sue is serving at Our Lady of Tepeyac through the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. She is spending her time as a counselor with the College Readiness Program, assisting Seniors. Sue is retired from her career in the same field.

As an Ignatian Volunteer, Sue participates in spiritual reflection with her peers as they journey through their year of volunteer service. IVC Volunteers are people who have either retired or are working less and want to spend their time in service to others. They have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to share. IVC gives them the opportunity to serve in under resourced schools and social service agencies throughout the country.

Because of Sue, the College Readiness Program is able to spend more time, one on one, with girls as they navigate applying to schools, choosing a college that is right for them and sifting through the financial aid process. She has enjoyed building relationships with the students she has been spending time with. "Tepeyac young women are very social and open to having fun. They care about each other and have so many interests and talents: STEM Mars labs, Physics model races next to the outdoor Shrine, World Religions, collecting for people in need, decorating their Little Sister's lockers. And they are kind to a new adult in their school!" We are so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of Sue's time and talents. She is a true joy for all of us, both students and staff, to be around.