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What's Happening at OLT?

College Dorm gifts from a Wonderful group of Women!

The Senior Class had a fun surprise at their Baccalaureate Luncheon. All thanks to Guild 9, a wonderful group of women from our sharing parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview.

The seniors were thrilled, needless to say, and had fun sorting through all of the wonderful items that filled their baskets. It was the perfect end to a morning of celebration.

This group of AMAZING women put baskets with many gifts together that will be needed and great for college. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Mother of the Americas Kermes

Mother of the Americas Parish welcomed the Little Village community to a family friendly event this past Sunday. Tepeyac girls were glad to be a part of it

Fun and Games For All!  Last year, Our Lady of Tepeyac, Assumption BVM and St. Roman's Parish united to form Mother of the Americas Parish. We are celebrating together at the church at Cermak & Whipple. The schools will retain their names.

The Kermes, Spanish for a Catholic bazaar or fundraiser, was organized and run by the parish. There was great food, music, games and more!  A few students ran a booth to provide free face painting for the children. The kids were beaming with joy! We also provided fans to the people who attended - they came in handy, particularly because of the hot day. We even got Fr. Tom in the dunk tank! The Kermes was a great way at bring our community together.  The newly united parish has also been holding street masses to promote unity and peace. Read more here.

2021 New Course Offerings

The academic year is off to a great start! OLT has added Psychology and Holocaust electives for Juniors and Seniors as well as Intro to Computers for the Freshwomen to the curriculum this year.

Principal and teacher for the Holocaust course, Kathy Ingram says, "Psychology and Holocaust have been taught in years past and we are so excited to get them back into the rotation. The students are looking forward to having the opportunity to take these courses as well!"   Members of the OLT faculty also advised adding an Intro to Computers course to the Freshwomen Curriculum. "We've learned that our new students need time to get to know high school applications like Google Classroom as well as the Portal, where they can access grades and assignments. Intro to Computers will ensure that our Freshwomen get off on the right foot. These skills are necessary for every class they will take during their high school career." says Ms. Ingram. The course will also focus on word processing and other applications used across the curriculum.  We look forward to watching our girls engage in new ways this year!

Welcome Back Students!

"It feels so good to be back at Tepeyac and finding new rhythms. The school is pulsing with the energy of the students all under one roof. I am so happy that our girls can learn together again!"  -Catherine Viola, OLT teacher and ACE Volunteer

Tepeyac Returns to School  Our Lady of Tepeyac High School welcomed 151 girls back into the building on August 16th. Teachers, faculty and students are all thrilled to be back together again, ready to move forward into the 2021-2022 school year.  The Freshwomen have hit the ground running, reports Marketing and Recruitment Director, Lily De la Luz. "The new students are trying out for athletic teams, joining in class discussions, asking questions and jumping right in to the Tepeyac Community."  Our Lady of Tepeyac is proud to serve for our 94th year in Little Village