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Teacher Spotlight: A Big Heart for Math

This is Marissa Krielaart's third year serving as a Tepeyac faculty member. She came to us from Illinois State University - OLT is her first teaching position! Ms. Krielaart is tasked with teaching Algebra I and Algebra III as well as staffing our Resource Center where she provides individual and small group support for girls who need math help.


Marissa reflects on her life as a high school Math teacher and learning how to differentiate within her classroom in order to meet the needs of all of the learning levels, especially with Freshwomen, "It's a lot of work to get everyone up to speed by the end of Freshman year. It's my job to give our girls the good education that they deserve and help them feel comfortable with Math." In addition to her lesson plans, Marissa has been surprised at how much she also enjoys the social emotional support that is required from a high school teacher serving teenagers. She enjoys advising the girls as they navigate friendships and learn responsibility and discipline.

"Tepeyac girls have taught me that listening skills are key. Listening to the needs of my students has informed my teaching as well as my support of them as young women."

An aspiring artist in her spare time, Ms. Krielaart is the moderator for the Anime Club that celebrates a style of animation and art, originating in Japanese culture. It is very popular with our girls. Thank you for putting all of your heart into your teaching, Ms. Krielaart!

Welcome Class of 2028


Admissions Letters were delivered to all 8th graders accepted into the Class of 2028 in early February. We greeted girls at their schools with a swag bag and shared the great news.


Our Lady of Tepeyac is proud to welcome new students from 24 different schools around the Chicago area. 11 Merit Scholarships have been awarded to date.

We still have spots available!

Freshwomen Welcome

The Fall is full of fun for Freshwomen! A long held tradition was enjoyed by the Seniors and the Freshwomen as they participated in the Big Sister-Little Sister tradition. 

After weeks of letter writing, small gifts and hints, Big Sisters were finally revealed to their Freshman Little Sisters in an afternoon of fun and games.

Memories were also made at the Freshwomen Retreat, held here at Tepeyac. Led by faculty members Blanca Rodriguez '16, Clarissa Jaramillo and Miguel Patino, girls spent the afternoon bonding through group activities, art projects and reflection. Often a first retreat experience, this day offers a time for our young women to get to know each other as a class and participate in the faith life of the school.

"My heart filled up seeing all the freshies (even if it was just for a moment) let go of anything on their mind, and just be girls having the time of their lives with the activities and games at the retreat. " Ms. Jaramillo


Civic Engagement

Our Lady of Tepeyac students have been learning about civic engagement through our involvement in advocating for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

The program supports scholarships for students in need who attend private schools. If the Illinois legislature does not renew the Invest In Kids Act by December 31st, this program will sunset affecting thousands of students and families around the state of Illinois.

Our Junior, Samara Alvarado, assisted this campaign by recording radio ads as well as speaking at a rally along side many other community leaders at St. Agnes in Little Village this past week. "My school is a perfect fit for me, for which I am so grateful. We ask our legislators to please invest in kids by voting to renew the Tax Credit Scholarship Program today." -Samara Alvarado

Learn more by visiting:

Big Shoulders Fund

Empower IL

Learn about how to advocate for this program: CLICK HERE

Alumna share their stories

"I was very excited to hear that Tepeyac girls have the opportunity to hear from alums about their journeys and professions. I wish that this program was available when I was a student so I jumped at the opportunity at being a speaker." - Dennis Garrido '17.

Dennis and Victoria shared their educational and career paths with over 20 OLT students who signed up to attend during their lunch period. They explained the various degrees that exist within their professions and as well as the wide variety of career paths that exist within their discipline.

Coffee & Careers is a monthly offering for Tepeyac students. The objective is to connect our current students with successful Alumna in order to learn more about their journey towards a college degree and a job they are passionate about.

Congratulations, Class of 2023

We are proud to announce that 100% of the Class of 2023 graduated and has set plans to attend a wide variety of colleges, universities and training programs.

The Our Lady of Tepeyac community celebrated the Class of 2023 at our Baccalaureate Ceremony and Graduation Mass and Ceremony held this past weekend.

Best of luck to our amazing young women! We know you will do great things.

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